Botero is about the philosophy of life

Our business is about life. We are keen to emphasise individuality, functionality and elegance in our project partnerships with all our clients. We believe in delivering practical solutions which directly improve the quality of life of clients, from children's' nursery rooms to ambassadorial reception rooms.

Botero is headed by Amanda Botero. Amanda brings over 25 years experience in Interior Design to client projects. She has led numerous residential and commercial projects, and has specialist experience in hotel interiors. Amanda has a passion for capturing and translating her client's vision into individual and functional spaces.

Amanda is supported by Alexander Farr. Alexander's architectural design background focuses on harnessing space and structure to deliver practical solutions to challenging problems.

Amanda and Alexander lead a team of specialist curtain makers, fitters, creative upholsterers and furniture manufacturers. They also work closely with builders, contractors and specialist suppliers to ensure the smooth running of projects.

Botero work hard and seamlessly as a unit to capture and translate your dreams and aspirations into practical and beautiful living and working spaces. Whilst we learn from every project for the benefit of the next, we always start a new project with a completely blank canvas.